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Digital Business Development

Looking for an IT consultant to drive digitalisation and business development? Discover how we can optimise your digital future.

Save Time

Get things done faster and have more time for other things. Stop wasting time on jobs that can be automated.


With digitalisation comes data. Data builds your insights and helps you make better decisions.

Value for money

Beyond saving time and delivering insights, digitalisation can increase the quality of work and reduce errors.

DIgital Transformation

Change management can consist of several different steps. We are experienced and help with all steps or parts of the work, depending on your needs.

Analys och kartläggning


analysis and mapping

Is there a problem within your organisation, but you're not sure what it is? Or are you aware that a certain type of tool is missing, but lack the time or experience to find the right solution?We help with the initial analysis and mapping of needs and challenges. Whether it concerns the entire organisation, specific business areas or new tools.


utilisation rate

Digitalisation is not only about investing in new tools, it is equally important to ensure the impact of existing tools. We can help boost knowledge and use.


future and change

 Know where you want to go, but not how? Not sure how technology can help your organisation move forward? We are happy to help with new insights and are of course independent in our data.


To find the best solution to your challenges, each mission is based on the following methodological steps.


What is the objective of the work? What are the perceived challenges within the organisation? What are the expectations and who are the demanders?

You and others involved tell us, we listen.


How does the organisation's current situation correspond to the target image and expectations? Processes, tools, stakeholders and usage are reviewed to find both gaps and opportunities.

The analysis results in a diagnosis and plan for the future.


After anchoring the plan and activities with you, the change process begins. This looks different depending on the diagnosis and objectives, but almost always involves knowledge and processes.

You can choose to run the project yourself or with our help.

Business development through IT

Digitalisation is another word for developing the business with the help of IT. To get it right, you need both IT and business development expertise. Here is some advice on how best to proceed with your digital business development.

Can everyone digitise their business?

Yes, but not all businesses need to digitise to the same extent. Some processes are more amenable to automation through IT. The civil service is often a sector where many processes can be automated. Not sure what's best for your business? Ask an IT consultant with an understanding of business development for help.

Why should I digitise my business?

Large amounts of data, time-dependent and repetitive tasks are worth digitising in an organisation. Using different tools, processes can be run at inconvenient working hours, while freeing up time and resources for more varied tasks. It may also be that the organisation needs to scale up its capacity without increasing the number of employees. In this case, support in the form of IT tools is also needed to streamline the work.

How to stay in control when everything is digitised?

Digitising the right processes helps to reduce errors and improve quality because IT tools can't get bored or make careless mistakes in the same way as a human being. Of course, other errors can occur, such as settings being set up incorrectly, or needing to be adjusted to new conditions. It is therefore important that someone is still responsible for quality control. Something that there is also time for when other tasks have been streamlined.

Help from experienced IT consultants

We have extensive experience in digital transformation and business development through IT. Book an IT consultant with a broad understanding of the business and the entire organisation.