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External IT Manager

External IT Manager

No in-house IT Manager? Don't worry, we can help you with an external solution. You can rely on us to focus on your needs because we are independent of other solutions and technology companies.

What does an IT manager cost?

Perhaps one of the most common questions and the answer is that it varies depending on the area of responsibility, seniority and expertise. According to statistics from Statistics Sweden, the average salary is over EUR 7,000, which for an employer results in a monthly expense of around EUR 10,000. For the self-employed and smaller companies, it may therefore be a better option to get external help during the hours when the expertise is really needed.

IT Manager as a Service

How does it work? And when is it good to bring in external help?

Can I bring in an IT manager in just a few hours?

This is a question that has two answers. Is it possible to bring in an IT manager at short notice? Yes, but it is more difficult to get the right expertise at short notice. It is best to spend some time planning an external resource. This usually gives a better result.

Is it possible to bring in external help for a very short period such as a few hours? Yes, it is possible, but think about what you want to get out of the person. If you are only interested in general advice, an hour is fine. If you want help tailored to your needs, the resource also needs time to understand the situation.

When should I bring in an external IT manager?

If your company is completely lacking in strategic IT expertise, you may want to bring in external help when;

  1. You need the skills but don't need full-time help, or aren't ready to hire.

  2. It's time to review your company's need for new systems and applications.

  3. You want advice on IT and digitalisation in your strategic work.

IT manager, CIO and CTO, what is the difference?

IT Manager is a Swedish title and is given to the person responsible for IT within an organisation, regardless of whether they are a top-level manager or report to a financial manager, for example. CIO and CTO are English titles and describe, in addition to the area of responsibility, also that the person has a managerial position at the highest level within a company. A CTO is a more technically oriented IT manager, while a CIO often has more process responsibility.

What skills should an IT manager have?

Just as with employment, it is important to find someone who has the skills that the company needs, but also that it "clicks" so that the person and other colleagues can work well together. The following are good to tick in order to find the right skills;

  1. Technical skills. Does the person have the right education and experience to handle the company's IT?

  2. Personal qualities. Does the person fit into the team and is he or she communicative enough to share his or her knowledge?

  3. Business expertise. Does the person understand your business and have the right experience in human resources and budget management?

What should I consider when choosing an external IT resource?

In addition to expertise and personal chemistry, it is also good to consider the following: 

  1. Independence. It is common for IT consultants to be tied to products and services. Therefore, choose a resource from an independent provider that is not dependent on other products.

  2. Direct contact. Intermediaries such as consultant brokers can be a good option to get a solution in place quickly. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the same consultant again. You can therefore risk starting from scratch at another time. In addition, you pay a certain amount of money directly to the agent.

  3. Availability. Unlike employees, consultants share their time between you and other clients. Be clear about the availability you need and make sure the consultant can provide it.

do I have to have an IT manager?

No, there is no requirement to have an IT Manager. A company knows best what skills it needs and can employ. But as more and more of an industry or business is digitised, it is important to have some IT skills to make the right decisions.

The CEO and board of directors have the ultimate responsibility, but often need IT skills to make the right decisions on newer issues that arise with increased digitalisation. Everything from business development using automation and AI, to laws and regulations such as GDPR or NIS II. Therefore, it is important to be able to discuss issues with someone who has the missing expertise.

Different IT Manager arrangements

There are different ways to fulfil the need for an IT manager, ranging from a few hours per month to a short-term project or a permanent employee.

Hourly external IT manager

Do you need support from IT expertise from time to time? For a specific project, or for a selected issue? Then it is just right to bring in help for a certain number of hours.

We are happy to help!

External IT manager on a monthly basis

Do you recognise that you have an ongoing need for IT expertise, but are not ready for a full-time employee or need full-time help? Then a monthly solution is a good option.

We will find a solution that suits you!

Employed IT Manager

Employed IT Manager

Are you in need of a new colleague to fulfil the role of full-time IT manager on an ongoing basis? Congratulations! Then it's time to hire your own IT manager.

We wish you the best of luck and can help with counselling during the recruitment process.